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YL continually comes out with new realistic sex doll prototypes tailored toward niche fantasies such as BDSM, massive tits, anime, elves and vampires. Once you've chosen a doll based on the height, breast cup size, hip size and pretty face that you like, the customization you can do is virtually endless. If you choose to customize your doll, you can pick from skin tones, eye colors, wigs, nail toenail colors. You'll decide whether you want a fixed vagina or an removable insert one.

YL dolls are very flexible and poseable by using stainless steel skeleton designs, which can satisfy you in all sex positions you like in sexual life. Especially in the oral or anus, soft and flexible vagina, big and realistic penis. Every YLDoll has its proper characteristics, such as forest elf sex doll, vampire vicious witch, Milf sex doll, hot gypsy girl, and so on, they are showing an extraordinary sex life world.

5 products
5 products