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What’s the lubricant-free vagina?

Lubricant-free vagina is a new option for dolls. It has another name called water-lubrication vagina. According to this name, you can know how it works. lubricant-free vagina provides a simple way to use the doll when you have no lubricant around. Only by pouring water into the vagina, will have a Lubricated effect. Is it amazing? You will know the truth about this option after reading the following words.

How to use it?

It’s the same as you use a lubricant. You just need to replace the lubricant with water.


How does it work?

The lubricating effect will be better and better following your movement. It’s a water-based lubricant and easy to clean. 


Why it can do it?

The condensed lubricant had been mixed into the material of the vagina when the doll was made. The condensed lubricant will be deliquesced when the water was poured into the vagina. The water-based lubricant is produced in the vagina.


How many times can I use this function?

The condensed lubricant will decrease after dissolution. The times that you can you depend on the water that you pour in and how long you use it in one time. Normally it can offer over 20 times working life. 


Is this option of SEdoll free?

This option is not free. But SEdoll has a promotion every month. This option is free for promoting dolls.